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Resource Information

Below are a list of links about planning burial services and other applicable matters. We hope this list helps you locate information which will guide you through the process of planning final burial arrangements.  If you need assistance, contact one of our Family Service Advisors.  


Miami Memorial Park Rules & Regs

Current rules and regulations.  Due to increased maintenance cost and TruGreen can't  weed and feed cemetery thoroughly, we ask that you read Chapter V and follow the rules so that we can do a better job for you.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Interment Order and Authorization Form

This form is required prior to a burial/interment at Miami Memorial Park.  Please refer to Miami Memorial Park Rules & Regs.  Call us and we will be happy to explain the form.

Service Price List
Current list of fees for service.  All concerned parties should review.
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Elements of an Interment Fee

Description of what is involved.
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For those who prefer cremation, we are featuring a "Columbarium" (Above Ground Granite Structure) at Miami Memorial Park, solely for cremation memorials.  Please inquire about our area resident discounts.
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Outside Monument Company Installation Request
Outside Monument Company should read Miami Memorial Park Rules & Regs before filling out form.
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William Hart Pitsenbarger Medal of Honor Recipient Memorial
As a tribute to Bill Pitsenbarger, a Vietnam War Hero, Miami Memorial Park is attempting to fund a suitable memorial to remember him through a GoFundMe Account:   See the movie "The Last Full Measure" (2019) about Pitsenbarger's heroic story and events leading to his Medal of Honor.  It is an amazing story about a true hero.

SPECIAL OFFER for local residents.
How to Save!
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Thawing Frozen Ground
Old Newspaper Article Explaining How Staff Thaws Ground In Preparation To Open Burial Site
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Search For An Obituary
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Should I Pre-Plan

Pre-planning your final burial arrangements

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Chapter 8 Burial and Memorial Benefits


Indepth Website About Funeral Planning---Offers a Free Funeral Planner

Find A Grave

A Resource To Find A Grave Of Someone At Miami Memorial Park